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More Tex Amex than Mexican but still with flavor to enjoy , now if you know about spicy then you can’t miss the Habanero sauce! Only one other place in MD has this quality of hotness!! Is not for beginners!! Is HOT delicious 🤤

- Esteban Rodriguez

a month ago
Well seasoned food! Just wish the side dish (e.g. rice, beans) portions were a little bigger. Definitely recommend!

- ComOneMaybe

4 months ago
It looked like it was closed from the outside due to the lighting and the tint on the window. The inside is nice. Was not expecting the fine dining style tables. It was sit anywhere. The waitress was very attentive and pleasant. I did not have to wait for my drink to be refilled at all. My family was happy they had jarritos. The food was excellent, especially the chicken tacos. The wierd thing was the 7 cameras in such a small space. We speculated about the reasons. Bar fights? Robberies?

- rodger smith

3 months ago
Nice clean friendly atmosphere. Great waiter. Food was excellent!! I got fish, rice and beans. Son got steak, rice and beans. Perhaps a salad or veggie would go better with the fish meal. Still loved the salmon with white sauce. Good variety of dishes. Nice portions. We had fried ice cream. My son's first. He loved it!Non alcoholic beverages. I would say they are on the average price. Our total was $40.+

- Beatriz De Leon

5 months ago

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